Image Consultancy

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Image Consultancy is the process of evaluating the impact of a person's appearance on their professional image. An Image Consultant aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behaviour and communication.


Before finding solution to any problem, it is important to identify the problem. Image Scope includes a need analysis by an expert Image Consultant to understand your current status in terms of Image Management and then identifying the areas to work upon.


In today’s competitive professional world; it is essential to look the part. Many a times even the most deserving candidates do not get a managerial promotion as they do not look like a Manager. Looking the role you play or going to play is one of the most important skills. Appropriate dressing is all about understanding the messages that need to be sent; keeping in mind your roles, goals, and occasions. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant guides you through the effective use of the International Style Scale to understand the language of clothes.


Looking attractive is a basic human need. What most people do not understand is that, it is not about what you wear but how you wear. Understanding your body shape and then the countering and repeating techniques to manage body variations is what makes one look attractive. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes body shape evaluation and suggestions on dressing as per the same to present the most attractive you. In this one on one session, an expert Image Consultant will evaluate your body shape and variations. Based on this information the Consultant will guide you through the techniques to highlight your positive & best features and also to counter or camouflage the body deviations which you do not wish to draw attention to. Learning these techniques would make you adept at choosing the right textures, colors and patterns which suit you best. With all the right choices, your most attractive look could be achieved with ease, every time. When you dress attractively, you become a “Head turner,” and the most sought after person in your circles.


Colours play a crucial role in looking attractive. One has to be in colour harmony, which is a factor of first understanding your personal colours of skin, eyes and hair, and then the fashion colours that will accentuate your personality. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personal colour evaluation and then recommendations on fashion colour combinations in order to be in colour harmony. Samples of colour combinations and suggestions about accessories selection will be provided.

In this one on one session an expert Image Consultant will evaluate your personal colours. Based on these, the fashion colours which suit and accentuate your looks will be evaluated. The consultant will guide you on understanding the moods and messages projected by different colours and using the colours appropriately and attractively to put together an attractive outfit to enhance your looks. You would learn the art of combining colours in various ways not only to enhance your looks but also to project the most pleasing & desirable message for the occasion. The consultant would guide you on creating an attractive focal point in your outfit with the colours. When you wear the right colours which complement you, you transform into the most ‘attractive and admired’ person in the group.


While it is important to be appropriate to your roles and goals, and attractive to look at; it is also equally important to project an Image that is the real you and not a version of someone else. Each individual has a personal style based on their values and traits. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personality development, personal style evaluation and then recommendations on presenting an Image that is authentic. In this session, a series of assessments are done to discover your values, traits and preferred clothing choices based on the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. The results are collated with your physical characteristics and your roles, goals and activities. This evaluation would lead to an understanding and evolving of your personal style, the style which you would feel totally comfortable wearing and carrying off with aplomb. The consultant guides the client on how to exhibit specific traits through careful choice of clothing and accessories suitable to your natural values and traits. This helps in creating an authentic Image in personal, professional and social life without losing individuality and comfort and achieving more comfort. Personal style is not about copying the best looks; it is about creating the best looks suited to you, which would be unique to you, and would project the best you.


All of us have wardrobe orphans – Clothes that we buy, but never wear because they do not work for us. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes evaluation of your wardrobe to understand what works and what doesn’t for you, and why. Based on the wardrobe evaluation, the consultant advices on what needs to be discarded and what needs to be bought using the concept of cluster to get more variety with lesser expense. A shopping list is then created which is just right for you.

In this session you would learn the secrets of creating a variety of looks with lesser number of clothing pieces. You would learn how to create more value out of your money spent on clothes. The Cluster concept is a lifesaving tool for all individuals, including working women, busy executives, socialites or anyone whose life is on a roll. You learn to sort and cluster your clothes, which makes life easier and saves time and effort otherwise wasted in meticulously putting together a decent outfit. The simple techniques of wardrobe management taught would make organising your wardrobe an easier & pleasurable task. With the wardrobe orphans eliminated and learning to manage the clusters, your expenditure would drop significantly, while the variety in your outfits and looks would multiply. A win-win situation!


Business and dining etiquette are the mark of a true man or woman. Most of the business is conducted over a meal today and display of right etiquette goes a long way to create an impression as well as likeability. This one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes business and dining etiquette training with a fine dining practical.

With the global expansion witnessed in most of the companies, more and more employees find themselves in roles which demand interactions with foreign delegates, workmates and also handling of short term work assignments in various countries. This session would make you aware of cross cultural sensitivities and impart knowledge on the internationally accepted fine dining etiquette. Business etiquette, which is a basic necessity for all working individuals, comes with a basket of etiquette codes for a variety of professional situations, which would empower you to become totally confident in handling yourself appropriately in various business situations.


A smart shopping experience guides on what is right for you. An Image Consultant accompanies you after a pre-shopping analysis and takes you to right places that sell what you need. This avoids impulse shopping and future wardrobe orphans. It’s an outdoor event charged per hour.

Shopping can be a harrowing and an expensive affair, if you are not sure of choosing the right places and the right clothes for yourself. An Image Consultant is equipped with the knowledge to evaluate your physical and psychological characteristics, values & traits and to recommend the best styles, colors, fabrics, patterns and accessories which suit you. Also you would be taken to the right places to make your choices under the consultant’s guidance, which would save you money, time and effort. Your shopping experience would be smooth and delightful as you discover the way to create a variety of looks with fewer clothes.

Ideally Personal Shopping services are best availed after the consultant evaluates your life style, personal style, body shape and color characteristics. This would give you the best advantage, as the Consultant would have evaluated all aspects of your physical and psychological traits and values in detail and can give comprehensive recommendations.


Primarily for women clients, this one on one session by an expert Image Consultant includes personal grooming, skin care, hygiene, and corrective makeup as per your face shape. Image makers and breakers are covered, and tips on makeup shopping including information on latest brands will be provided.

The session would include an evaluation of the face shape based on which hair styles, make up, accessories, neck line recommendations are made. Detailed guidance on skin care [Skintelligence], nail care, hair care and hygiene aspects are taught. Make up session would include demonstration/ tutorial on Natural or day make up and the Glamour look or evening make up. Tips & tricks for countering the facial features to highlight and sharpen your face would also be given. Adequate information on make-up products suitable for your skin type would be provided.


This session includes shopping of personalized make-up products under the expert advice of an Image Consultant. This is an outdoor activity. Ideally this should follow a Make-up& Face shape evaluation session.

The Consultant would guide you on the right brands and products which suit your skin type and tone. This saves you time and effort in searching for the right products and avoids relying entirely on the sales person’s advice.


Image Consultants are also Stylists. They combine Elements and Principles of Design along with Personal Style and create multiple looks with readymade clothes and accessories as per the need of the event.

Personal Styling is a need based service where the Consultant will understand your specific needs to add the Glamour quotient in the appearance so that you project yourself as a style icon. Before the final event, the needs will be thoroughly assessed so that you achieve your desired outcome. There will be a detailed analysis on whether it is a theme based event, semi-formal, formal or a casual event, with whom, what time of the day and what would you like to accomplish during this occasion. Consultant would understand the details and then evaluate your budget, physical characteristics, personality and clothing characteristics to create a desirable LOOK. A professional styling service not only helps you in saving time and money but also helps in looking fashion forward with utmost confidence.


Image Consultants provide services for media styling. On receiving a detailed brief, they add their valuable inputs in suggesting the theme. When a Consultant/stylist works with media, he/she selects the clothing, the accessories, and the general “look” of the model for the shoot based on the Client’s budget as well as theme. Consultant also suggests how the outfit should be worn, along with body language, facial expressions and posture to achieve desired results. Consultants also give their valuable inputs on how the theme can be perceived by others based on their experience and expertise.